Don Reid's Merchants Beware Ebook


Don Reid's Merchants Beware Ebook Merchants Beware: Special Report
The rate of online fraud is rising and with the uncertain financial situation the world is in, fraud is going to rise!

The Credit Card Fraudsters ARE Coming To Rip You Off!

In 2007 There Was $3.6 Billion In Chargebacks And It's Increasing...


Hi, I'm Don Reid. Welcome to my site.

If you operate or intend to operate a website that accepts credit cards then you need to get some skill and protect yourself against carders and fraudsters. Every single day I battle against fraud. Not everyone has as many fraudsters to contend with as me but they do attack every site. I do mean "attack" by the way and it is a war.

These low lifes are out to steal from you. The result is no different from being held up by gunpoint and having to hand over your wallet. You lose your hard earned money. sure it's not as life threatening but , the lose of money is just as real.

Many years of frustration and literally losing millions of dollars to fraudsters and chargebacks finally got to me. I started to study their movements, their "modus operandi" and what I discovered was all fraudsters do pretty much the same things. Even better all fraudsters leave telltale signs which can be used to alert you, the site operator, to their activity.

Wouldn't you like to be able to detect fraudulent transactions BEFORE they get processed?

Well of course you would!

There are a number of reasons why it's so important to catch a fraudulent transaction before it's processed:

1. You want to protect your merchant account - if your fraud and chargeback rate rises to more than 1% of your gross sales then cost per transaction will be increased substantially. If you fail to reduce the percentage you will begin to incur very large fines. ( I have been fined $50,000 at a time by Visa). If you still fail to reduce the rate of fraud then your merchant acocutn will be cancelled. This is a real problem as once your company has been cancelled, it's extremely difficutl to get a new merchant account.

2. You want to not lose inventory - even if you sell digital products like I do it's still very irksome to find out you supplied product to a fraudster. It's also very expensive if you're shipping real world prodcuts to fraudsters. Obvously you are going to lose the cost of the product, the shipping and handling and any other associated costs and profits. It's got to be better to get the transaction voided BEFORE you process it.

3. You do not want to be fined - if a fraudulent transaction gets processed, apart from your losses mentioned above, you are also going to be hit with reversal transaction fees and a $20 fine. It just all adds insult to injury.

I do not guarantee to be able to teach you to prevent every fraudulent transaction but I absolutely guarantee you will be able to prevent the majority of them. Your risk will be significantly reduced.

Carders Are Buying And Selling Your Credit Information

Carders are thieves who hang out online in carders forums. Here's whats weird, these forums are not even secret. you can go find them yourself on Google. Search for "carders forum"

Here's a look inside a carders forum, scary stuff my friend!

Many new online merchants believe that when a transaction is processed that means it's all good to go and that Visa or Mastercard is going to back up the transaction.

Those poor people are in for a rude shock! The merchants bank and the card companies are never going to back you up. Their job is to protect the card holder and their own profits. The merchant is always the one that pays up.

Here is an image which blew my mind. while i was researching this book i went into some carders forums to take a look around. This picture is not doctored in anyway. It's a real screenshot I took form inside a carders forum


Click on the image to see a bigger version

NO...your eyes are not deceiving you...the carders forum is sponsored by Visa! You still think they will protect you from fraudsters?


The Merchant Carries 100% Of The Risk In ALL
Online Credit Card Transactions

I discovered the hard way that in an online transaction the only party at risk is the merchant. It's simply down to the fact that you do not have a signature from the card holder authorizing the transaction. I suffered millions of dollars in losses to chargebacks and fines.

These days I'm smarter. I follow my own step by step action plan to uncover fraudsters. The number of fraudulent transactions I suffer from now has been slashed!

You Don't Have To Be A Vicitim

Over the years I've seen thousands of online transactions. Because of this I learnt the patterns and the telltale signs of a fraudster at work. I know how to spot them before the transaction goes through (in most cases). If you have been the victim of chargebacks then you already know how much that tip alone would save you. Considerably more than the investment in this book.

If you are just starting out making sales on the internet with your own merchant account then you need to be armed with the information in this book. It's rock solid, real information that will save you many times over. If you're a veteran of internet sales then I'm probably preaching to the choir! You of all people know the risks and how the disruption of chargebacks places heavy toll on your online business.

Here's what you are about to discover in the next few minutes:

How To Detect Warning Signs Of Fraud at The Point of Sale
How To Spy On The Fraudster To Discover Where On Earth
They Really Are
How to Void A Fraudulent Transaction
How To Prevent Legitimate Customers Filing Chargebacks
How To Set Up The Same Traps I Use To Catch Fraudsters
How To Do Business Without Even Using Your Own Merchant Account

The "Merchants Beware" ebook is full of real information that really will lessen your risk. The book has amazing information you can apply to your procedures today.


Yes! I Want To Get The Secret Information and Techniques Needed To Protect Myself From the Fraudsters!

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Finally, I know that anyone who passes on this amazing deal is going to be ripped off by fraudsters!

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This book has been 13 years in the making and is the most up to date and easy to understand resource of it's kind available anywhere. I know because I searched for help fighting fraudsters. I could never find anything very useful so I had to develop my own system.

My entire step by step process for detecting and voiding online credit card fraud is totally revealed in "Merchants Beware"

I'm convinved it's everything you need to reduce your risk of fraud substantially which is why I'm happy to offer you a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Rock Solid, No Nonsense, Risk Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee

I Guarantee "Merchants Beware Is The Most Amazing, Effective Way You Will Ever See To Lessen The Risk, And Reduce The Number And Costs Of Chargebacks Against Your Business... Or I Will  Hand Back Every Penny You Spent... All Of It. 

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All the risk is on me, there is nothing to prevent you ordering "Merchants Beware" today and applying all the techniques I reveal. All you have to lose is the risk of fraudsters ripping you off

See you on the inside!

Don Reid
Merchants Beware

PS: The choice is yours, you can do nothing and be an easy target for the carders and fraudsters or you can click the link below and get instant access to the one source of information which is going to save you from the bad guys.

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